Group Falcon

Rahesh R

Ganesh R Chandran

IMK Senate House Campus, Palayam


This report titled ‘environmental degradation in our neighborhood’ discusses briefly various issues which the group members have experienced from their own neighborhoods and gives a thorough analysis into the various factors affecting directly and indirectly the given problem. The whole discussion begins at a point when everybody becomes aware of the threats to the sustainability of the present way of life.


The issue which we will be concentrating in this report will be the extreme pollution occurring in the old waterways of Trivandrum. These waterways were once the symbol of pride and posh lifestyle in the kingdom of Travancore. Now it carries nothing but dirt and disease. The canal begins from the famous tourist destination Kovalam. The canal is a reason of isolation for people residing between sea and the canal which flows parallel to the sea. Besides the accumulated dirt in these areas by dumped waste, especially by hoteliers, illegal sand mining also is rampant. People live here in the middle of water, but long que’s are seen in front of village pipes for fresh water. Near Panathura, the solid waste accumulates, blocking flow of water making it a breeding site of mosquitoes and fleas.

Now let us come to the issue of the Karamana River which satisfies a large portion of the city’s water demand. Owing to the use of the river for various washing related activities, studies show massive levels of coli form bacteria in the river water. Killi river and vellayani lake joins the karamana river near pallathukadavu and madhupalam respectively. It is near the famous parasuram temple in thiruvallom, where the condition of river is quite pathetic. Karaman river , there called Idayar joins the poonthura ‘pozhi’ crossing through both sides of the idayar island. The parvathi putthanar which carry the whole of city’s waste joins the idayar at moonnatumukku.  A temporary check dam at the west of the island stops the puthanar and thereby cause problems to the locals there. During high tide, the rosen water spread the waste entirely in the area making the place uninhabitable. The solution proposed by the local representatives is to create a channel which takes the waste directly to the offshore waters (a method adopted some parts of Maldives), they say this would also not harm the interests of  fisher folk living there.

The Parvati Puthanar commissioned by HH Rani Parvati bhai of Travancore, is a waterway made for transport of goods and people. The quality of water in this river was so good that people used it to drink and bathe. But the condition of the river now is far worse than pathetic. Today it carries the whole sewage of the city, causing irreversible damage even to the ground water reserves. All government measures have been ineffective or inappropriate to solve the mess of Parvati Puthanar.


It is highly essential to clean and protect the water ways of Trivandrum as it can make the city clean and far more attractive. The Central Govt had plans to upgrade the 74 km long kovalam- Kollam Waterway. The national waterways network which begins from kollam if extended upto kovalam will create new opportunities in the tourism industry. But the main stunning block for this project to kick off is the present condition of the Parvati Puthanar. This renovation if done with the help of people and government will pave way for new developments in the area. With the Trivandrum international airport only 500m away from the Parvati Puthanar, an experience which club the natural beauty of Kerala and the easiness to travel facilities will definitely raise bucks for the area.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by RAINBOW on October 24, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    good job.


  2. Posted by poseidon on December 18, 2011 at 6:59 am

    The State Government has been spending vast amounts of funds for the periodic cleaning of the streams and rivers in Kerala to make them pollution free, without much success. The only way to keep all our waterways clean is to stop the inflow of dirty water from the houses through the drains and small streams into the rivers.


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