Deepak Shankar               Gayathri S                        Sreena Sreedhar R

IMK Senate House Campus, Palayam


Nowadays land filling and destruction of hills are major environmental issues faced by many of the villages in Kerala, especially in Thiruvananthapuram. The issue that we are trying to discuss is happening in Kazhakootam. Techno Park the IT hub of capital city is situated at Kazhakootam. Ten years back when Techno Park started its functioning near Kazhakootam, it was a normal village with paddy fields, ponds and a lot of plants and thick vegetation which gave shelter to a lot of creatures and particularly to snakes. A village named Attipra includes the major portion of the IT hub, which was full of paddy fields and thick vegetation ten years back.

With the emergence of Techno Park, Kazhakootam also began to develop.The nearby lands also began to develop with buildings, mainly by developers and constructors to build flats. The number of developers invested in land near Techno Park simply shows how profitable the business is. When the land available for construction began to decrease they started concentrating on agricultural land and destruction of hills.Hilly places which contained thick vegetation were destructed to find out soil for filling agricultural land and to level the land to makes it suitable for building construction.

These activities are major sources of pollution and environmental degradation. Destruction of hills and filling of paddy fields is affecting the ground water level of the whole area. It is also affecting the ability of soil to absorb rain water. The land which was once dense by thick vegetation is now dense with buildings. Since the vegetation is lost many creatures including snakes lost their dwellings and they began to enter houses and roads and as a result people started killing these snakes.

In order to crush the hill for soil, they make use of compactors, compressors, crushers, drills etc.These machines have high horse power which creates damage to the nearby houses. These machines cause sound pollution. The dust particles and silica particles are a source of air pollution. After these destructions started, the cases of respiratory diseases, skin diseases and allergy have increased in the locality. The dust particles also affected plants by closing the stomata, the small openings in the leaves.

These problems are not just confined to the areas where the soil is crushed. Same problems are also there in the areas where the soil is being filled. Carriage of soil to the outbound is also causing air pollution and sound pollution during its whole path.

During the starting phase of these problems there were protests from the nearby people and activists and it was said that they were against development. A team from the geological department came to study the environmental impact of these activities but they were not able to complete it. Later on the protests become feeble and the destruction is still continuing.

Many of the local people here are still not aware about the results of these encroachment and land filling. Awareness has to be made in them more seriously so that they realize the need to protest against destruction of hills and land filling. Government has made laws against filling of agricultural lands and destruction of hills but maintaining these laws must have to be made stricter. The authorities and officials also have to work for this .Also people have to report such cases immediately.

In order to maintain the water table and to avoid the scarcity of water in the area in future we have to start rain water harvesting techniques in each house and in public places.

The health problems may be avoided to some extent my using masks or silica absorbers but it is not a permanent solution. Illegal mining of soil and land filling must have to be stopped to maintain the remaining ecosystem as such.


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  1. Posted by RAINBOW on October 24, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    good work . alternative is good (iIlegal mining of soil and land filling must have to be stopped to maintain the remaining ecosystem ) but is it possible in our city.


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