Done by

Team Orion

Deepasree M Vijay

Suma S Mani

Poornima A Menon

IMK Senate House Campus, Palayam

In our neighbourhood, the root cause for a lot of diseases was a pond which was contaminated and polluted. The area surrounding the pond was full of weeds and marsh. People never went to that place. It became a secluded area. Then our corporation took steps in renovating the pond. So the pond was cleaned and the nearby area was paved and all the weeds were cut. Now there was a pavement where people can walk and swans were brought to be bred in that pond. Also the people took more interest in cleaning the area and so waste was constantly removed. A children’s’ park was constructed which attracted the kids who came there daily. An FM radio was installed making the evenings musical. The neighbours were also happy as they could go to that place without any fear. Thus the secluded place got converted into a joggers’ and children’s’ park.

The residents of our association are very particular about waste management. Previously, they used to dump the wastes in the pond but now they arranged for Kudumbasree people who collected waste from the houses at reasonable rates. The plastic waste is separated from the organic waste as it cannot be destroyed or reused like other bio-degradable waste. Other waste can be burnt off but plastic only melts and will remain in a colluded form.

But at times, they absent themselves for a day or two which is troublesome as this waste remain in the house for a long time which causes pungent smell. So for disposing this waste the residents have started throwing them in an unused piece of land. This place is always attracting the stray animals and rag-pickers. The people have no place to dispose off their waste and so they have converted the unused land into a dumpster. Use me dustbins were there in a few places in our locality. But sometime back, some of them were damaged and the waste was spilled over. Now the dustbins have been removed but no replacements provided for. The authorities have not taken any strict actions against this as then they will have to find a way to dispose this waste. Our residents’ association has taken up this cause and is planning to issue a complaint to the corporation.

At the junction where I stay there was a place that was not well maintained. So all the people used to come in cars and throw away their waste. This waste became rotten and became the breeding place for flies and insects. Stray animals also came and ate the waste. Many weeds grew and altogether it was an eyesore and polluted the environment. The corporation then decided to renovate the place and converted it into a beautiful garden cum park where people could sit and relax.


 Environmental pollution

As I am basically from a municipality area the percentage of environmental pollution is nominal compared to that in city. Here in municipalities we could hardly see garbage heaps and often we dump the waste in our plot itself. But the major issue is concerned with the disposal of plastic and other biodegradable materials. Burning of plastic materials, packing materials like thermocole as well as rubber have been a menace to all of us. It causes emission of poisonous and harmful gases like carbon monoxide. The thrown away plastic bags prevent the seepage of water into the ground and decreases ground water level.

When the well is not properly closed with net, leaves and droppings from birds cause water pollution. Drainage issues are very rare in my place. Stagnant water is the root cause for breeding of mosquitoes. Water collected in broken pots, plastics, tyres attract mosquitoes and often pave way for their breeding mainly in the rainy season and cause different types of epidemic diseases.

As my place is a tourist destination centre, there must be an effective maintenance of beach and cliff region and the government should provide sufficient measures to keep it clean and deploy more workers for that. But it is very sad to say that they are not maintained well and day by day foreigners are leaving the place even as the season is approaching. Last year there was an interesting news that a bunch of foreigners took initiative in cleaning the beach premises. They collected plastic bottles and bags from all over the area and dumped them somewhere else. None of the natives took part in cleaning. Even though its one of the famous beaches in Trivandrum, with a very pleasant nature, adorned with hills, resorts, bunch of shops; there are no primary facilities nearby.

Other major issue is about a canal near Sivagiri. It had been a waterway that connected Alappuzha and Trivandrum long years ago. Nowadays tribal people are residing along the bank of canal. They have a colony of their own and waste in the region is dumped over there and so the canal is almost dry now.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by HORNBILL on November 22, 2011 at 7:09 am

    The first case is about the irresponsible mentality of people(Even though they are educated).The first problem of pond was solved by the co-operation of the resident association
    .But the biodegradable wastes are burnt,it is not a good practice.Bio degradable wastes can be used to make fertilizers or biogas.
    The second problem can be solved by giving awarness to the local people,regarding dumping of waste.As far as the problem of iresponsibility of kudumbasree workers are considered complaint should be given to the authorities.For those people who come on their vehicles and dumping wastes(non-residents) residents have to make working commitee groups and to wait at the places where they dump,to prevent it.


  2. Posted by RAINBOW on December 16, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    the problems mentioned here are relevent in our society. please suggest an alternative solution for the problem


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